Monday, February 23, 2009

FPGA - Nexys2

While was not today, the Nexys2 from digilent has finally arrived, i spent the weekend playing a bit with it, it is a quite neat package, i had already the latest Xilinx ISE Webpack installed, so was just a matter of reading the reference manual, set the pins and start testing stuff. Just a tip: If you adquired one of these, you may feel some trouble in using the segment display, to activate an anode you must use zero value there and to activate a catode (that controls each segment independently) you must also use zero value there. Also, buttons and segment displays are inversed, so ... button zero is at right and segment display controled by anode zero is at left, so if you're using buttons to do some action on the display above them take this in consideration. The demo/test provided gave me some trouble to compile in ISE 10 ... it was made for version 8, eitherway source code of it provides a nice tutorial in how to use VGA port and PS/2 for a mouse. If i get time i shall show you some demos of it running crazy stuff i made to test some code (an Hello World running into segment displays.. scrolling of course, 4 displays aren't enough for 11 chars) I also leave some links that might be useful if you didn't already knew it: fpga4fun (digilent site has changed)

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Jorge Alexander Villegas Ortiz said...

compaƱero, necesito hacer una culebra en los displays de la spartan 3E, simplemente que se mueva a su antojo y ya, es posible que me pueda colaborar, mi correo es

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