Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puppy Linux

Today i spent the entire day installing linux (well, any SO that could run would do it) in a old machine, with 64Mb of ram, it had to be a light distro, and since it doesn't have a - functional - CD drive, it had to be really installed, also, bios didn't support pen drives for booting and such (and i don't have floppies avaliable around here), so there i was, with a very dusty computer to restore. ---------BEGIN------------- QUEST: Ressurrect an old PC --------------------------------------- Task one: Find a way to inject an SO on it, solution - hijack a CD drive from other (old) computer. Task two: Connect the drive to the computer, errr.... how the heck i open the PC box? After an hour of metal bend and cut (not the metal, the fingers), access!! Now to put the drive on it... oh wait... it doesn't recognize the hardrive now.... hmmm ... ok ... reset bios... solved... i think... Task three: Select and install a mini-distro, DSL, too hard for the users, feather linux, only on CD, soo... among the images i had in my laptop hardrive i selected Puppy Linux, it started up once i burned the CD and booted from it... nice... now... WHERE IS THE HARDRIVE???!!! Task four: Track down why linux isn't recognizing the hardrive when bios is... errr.... this is the first time that this happens to me... hmmm ... ok... *removes more pieces from another old PC* puts HDD and CD Drive in diferent cables... works! *phew* Linux detects it... installs ... and.... Grub error 17... Task five: Find why the grub thown such an error.... reinstall linux... error disapeared.... riiiiightt ... this one was easy... oh wait... error 2 now ... #%@§!!! Task six: Solve the error 2... hmmm ... *google* *google* *forum* *google* *forum* ... mess with bios ... ok .... change type/detection of HDDs ... ok... crap ... computer doesn't start and just keeps beepping ... ok ... reset BIOS on jumper... ok ... make the same change... ok ... now starts .... and.... success .. . grub is on! Task seven: Finish Puppy configuration... all working! ----------------------------- BONUS QUEST: Come back next week and repeat all steps because users WILL destroy it... ------------END-------------- *sigh* On a side note, Puppy linux is quite awesome.... not as powerful and versatile as the DSL, but freaking fast!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Labels Sphere

Added a new widget, if you like it you can find instructions here: Not very useful, but kinda cool... ;p

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Ok .... pra quem não saiba este bichinho vai estar à venda na worten mobile por 364€ ... é o iphone killer da nokia na minha opinião... GPS, FM Radio, Touchscreen, Acelerómetro, Wi-Fi, microSD de 8Gb included, 3.2 MP na camera, filma a 640x480@30fps .... Symbian S60 release 5 (V9.4) - com todos os goodies .... TV Out .... ah sim ... é também um telemovel com 3G ... e mais não digo.... google it! >:D Acho que o vou adquirir, o meu Sharp 903SH tá a precisar da reforma... não, não o ponho pra retoma (quem é que seria doido a esse ponto?) Comparação

Thursday, January 8, 2009

RTSS@2007 CiberMouse

Ok .... i made a ciberMouse within RTSS2007 rules, if you don't know what it is ... is simple... imagine a mouse in a labyrinth, there are more mouses there, they all want the cheese and to come back to their home, but the mice have a problem, they are kinda blind, have 4 really bad eyes (one eye is on their back - don't ask!) and they only sniff the cheese at 120º on they front, to make. things worse they can only sense 2 things at the same time and they take a while to sense the cheese, and some walls don't let cheese be sensed.... oh... they also carry a compass that takes a while to view the way north is... This is, of course, the metaphore for this contest... kinda... xD ... well i think an image explains it better, so here it is, the final state of a run, my mouse is the pink... the other ones are the samples one that come with simulator... So... i won the run... like ... i went to cheese and come back without hit anything... sure, took a while kinda funny to see how near i come to the start point (mouses have 2 engines that have error and inertia associated when energy applied) so is not easy for such thing to happen... Well ... it's 6:10am ... i think i go take some rest...

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hmm... it happen a week ago but i managed to convince my dad to buy a Samsung T260HD to replace both TV and computer screen, for 450€ this is perhaps the best computer screen i ever seen, the 1920x1200, 1:1000 contrast (1:10000 dinamic) with 5ms response time and crystal view design... just awesome... of course that if it was to desk work the T240HD would be enough it has the same features, just in a smaller screen (and less 50€ to pay). The TV tuner works flawlessly, i just have analog TV, so i can't say much about DTV features (but i can say that playing a 1920x1080p video is kinda amazing). In my case the 26" (25,5" to be more accurate) are quite the point, and a bigger one wouldn't fit the shelf... The color calibration took a while, it was to bright/white with default setting, but a little mess in the brightness and contrast provided a nice image, very similar to the one on the old TV (CRT) we had. If you're searching for a TV/PC Screen combo... this was made for you.... (if it's for a desk i wouldn't buy anything bigger than 24") I would leave some pics of it... my my mobilephone camera is suffering from old age (the CCD is kinda burned a bit, so above, and sometimes even in, ISO 400 is quite noisy) so it's better to seek google for such pictures...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Messing with google...

Strange calculation... There are plenty useless things you can do with google.... ...this is one of those... enjoy! x3

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy new year :3

So ... here we are ... a new year ... a whole old trashy world... it could be worse i guess... I guess this year will be no diferent from last one from me... well... i hope to finish my studies and get a job, but that's life going as expected... And you ... any hopes or dreams for this year? Hmm.. well ... anyway... good luck with them i guess ;3