Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vista + ICS + NSU

So... with N97 and a few other touch devices from nokia a new update is to be expected for 5800xm, i was trying to check for updates when NSU (Nokia Software Updater) refused to work... it said some components were missing... and i was like "???" ... how can they be missing this was working yesterday and i didn't shutdown the PC?... hmm.. what i have done that could possible damage NSU instalation? Well.. i have configured ICS (Internet Connection Sharing - or w/e) on Vista, so i could share my conection via wi-fi to my mobile phone... right... well.. after disable it, the NSU worked like a charm. -.-'' Nokia or Windows issue ... that is surelly bad... I really hope 5800xm gets wrt widgets for standby screen and landscape on it as well... is totally possible... is just a matter of Nokia being smart enough to sell some extra 5800xm... samsung and LG are really putting lots of effort in standby interface... nokia did it on N97 ... so why not enable that on a 5800xm? N97 belongs to a diferent market so it shouldn't be canibalized by 5800... yes... they are touchscreen mobile phones with nHD screens, but N97 has a really powerful CPU, hi build quality and a physical thumb keyboard... on a very similar (in size) package... the price is twice the 5800xm... but you're paying for the extras... i'm very happy with my 5800xm ... but improvements are always welcome... and we (5800xm users) sure deserve it since we were guinea pigs for symbian touch interface... Ah well... till next time... code i must, code i will... bye~

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