Friday, June 20, 2008

Browser's War!

Edit: Portuguese: Desculpem não ter isto em português ... mas é pra toda a gente entender ^__^; So... you know (or not) that there are many browsers out there, and now FF3! Here goes my review over them: IE4 (yes, it is still used!): Very very old, if you have it, you may consider buy a new computer. Quite insecure, it is used on WM2003 and prior for handheld devices (not as insecure in those when compared to desktop versions). It's very light and lack many functionalities on modern browsers. IE5.5 (quite old, i actually have it on my oldest computer): If you're using this old one you should update it ... really... you may say it is identical to version 6, but ... it isn't. IE6 (you know it): We all know it, is slugish but kinda light (well it lack many features). IE7 (shiny!): Completely new, shiny buttons to match Windows Vista look and feel, tabs were the major inovation, but since it still has activeX controls support (well at least you have some extra security) i really don't like it, make a mistake and you'll have nice spyware/adware popup's every minute or so... Firefox 2: Still my favorite, i'm just waiting for some crucial extentions to be supported on version 3, it has some memory leaks (i have lot's of ram so i rarely notice it), but the support for extensions is quite awesome. My favorite extensions are: Firebug, FireCookie, GreaseMonkey, ABP (AdBlock Plus) and DownThemAll. With those i can automate and fully control my browsing experience (stop ad's, mess with running JS, run my own JS, mess with cookies, make batch downloads and speed up my downloads) Firefox 3: Awesome, lighter, safer and more stable than the previous versions, i just miss Firebug on it, currently is the browser i use. Edit: FireBug Beta works pretty well ^__^ Opera 9.5: Ok... a friend told me opera has been updated, so i went check, it looks quite good, i may say it's the fastest browser that you can have, their widgets are not as productive as the one found in Firefox, but download manager, torrent support, irc and other advanced features that are quite rare, make serious damage in competition. On development side, i really like Dev Tools (until firefox 3 has firebug avaliable) Safari: Mac users... you guys are really lucky, your OS features a really nice (light, fast and safe) browser. I don't have much more to say because the windows version has quite some issues (last time i update it, it stop working :( ). Konkeror: Well... same as safari... but applied to KDE users :p Conclusion:
  • If you use IE7 ... please change to opera, you will thank me;
  • If you develop websites, you may have to use all of them (to check compatibility), but Firebug really helps so FF2 is the choice for you (and make sure you check everything on IE);
  • If you use a Linux distro... any browser is good :p quite likely you use Konkeror or Firefox already (i don't think you can use IE - Emulation is not the answer, ok?);
  • Mac users, your browser is nice, but test firefox 3 or Opera 9.5, see what you like more;
  • If you want to do everything with you're browser, well ... Opera 9.5 might be the right choice, firefox does what Opera does and more, but each extension makes it heavier.
By the way, according to may personal experience the fastest JS interpreter belongs to Opera 9.5, followed by Safari and Konqueror, then Firefox 2 (i'm not sure about version 3), and the really sluggish browser is IE... and most of the time it doesn't support most of advanced features of modern browsers! On HTML/CSS support, Opera, Firefox and Safari (Konqueror is like safari i believe) are awesome. An example? If you use embebed base64 images on CSS or HTML, they will work fine, on IE you can forget! Same goes to Canvas tag, rounded borders, PNG's with alpha channel (IE7 supports this one now i believe), and others. If you develop webpages you know what problem is to make things work in IE.... (and you are already aware of all the problems it carries) IE has it's own interpretation of HTML/CSS/DOM that goes (many times) against W3C specifications and other entities that specify internet stuff, so i ask you to stop using IE and make life easier to Web developers/designers, thank you in advance. :3

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