Friday, June 20, 2008


In the post below, i talked about DownThemAll as an extension for Firefox, well... now i will explain what i like on it:
  • Context menu's integration on firefox;
  • Reg Ex download filter for both embebed and linked contents of a page;
  • Batch Download (this one could be improved);
  • Download Accelerator (if server supports it);
  • Pause support (if server supports it);
  • Auto rename option;
  • Queueing options;
About batch download: I think it could be taken to the next level by adding variables to the sintax, my idea? An example below: Imagine you have several images in a server, they are organized in years folders like this: .../2007/2007-01-01-001.jpg .../2007/2007-01-01-002.jpg .../2008/2008-01-10-001.jpg .../2008/2008-02-23-001.jpg Or some similar organization. Now you wish to download them all to your computer, you don't have FTP access or similar, only HTTP, with DownThemAll you could say: .../[2006:2008]/[2006:2008]-[01:12]-[01:31]-[001:030].jpg This raises a problem... first batch tag and second should have the same value, but this way such propriety is lost, thus increasing the size of download list with files that don't exist for sure. The solution? Add some extra syntax, nothing very complex, just something like this: .../[$1=2006:2008]/[$1]-[01:12]-[01:31]-[001:030].jpg I think this enhancement would be awesome, well... if any DownThemAll developer sees this: "Add it to your TODO list!" The first solution will generate a list with 100440 files to download! The proposed solution generates a list with 33480 files... a third! Of course this could be applied in many ways (and enhanced even further with math formulas and conditionals), but this sample explains it quite well i think. PS: Woot! 2nd post today!

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