Monday, January 5, 2009


Hmm... it happen a week ago but i managed to convince my dad to buy a Samsung T260HD to replace both TV and computer screen, for 450€ this is perhaps the best computer screen i ever seen, the 1920x1200, 1:1000 contrast (1:10000 dinamic) with 5ms response time and crystal view design... just awesome... of course that if it was to desk work the T240HD would be enough it has the same features, just in a smaller screen (and less 50€ to pay). The TV tuner works flawlessly, i just have analog TV, so i can't say much about DTV features (but i can say that playing a 1920x1080p video is kinda amazing). In my case the 26" (25,5" to be more accurate) are quite the point, and a bigger one wouldn't fit the shelf... The color calibration took a while, it was to bright/white with default setting, but a little mess in the brightness and contrast provided a nice image, very similar to the one on the old TV (CRT) we had. If you're searching for a TV/PC Screen combo... this was made for you.... (if it's for a desk i wouldn't buy anything bigger than 24") I would leave some pics of it... my my mobilephone camera is suffering from old age (the CCD is kinda burned a bit, so above, and sometimes even in, ISO 400 is quite noisy) so it's better to seek google for such pictures...

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Sintra said...

If it were FREE I'd consider it.
Seriously, why can't hardware be downloaded and cracked? It'd be awesome, and it makes perfect sense.