Thursday, January 8, 2009

RTSS@2007 CiberMouse

Ok .... i made a ciberMouse within RTSS2007 rules, if you don't know what it is ... is simple... imagine a mouse in a labyrinth, there are more mouses there, they all want the cheese and to come back to their home, but the mice have a problem, they are kinda blind, have 4 really bad eyes (one eye is on their back - don't ask!) and they only sniff the cheese at 120ยบ on they front, to make. things worse they can only sense 2 things at the same time and they take a while to sense the cheese, and some walls don't let cheese be sensed.... oh... they also carry a compass that takes a while to view the way north is... This is, of course, the metaphore for this contest... kinda... xD ... well i think an image explains it better, so here it is, the final state of a run, my mouse is the pink... the other ones are the samples one that come with simulator... So... i won the run... like ... i went to cheese and come back without hit anything... sure, took a while kinda funny to see how near i come to the start point (mouses have 2 engines that have error and inertia associated when energy applied) so is not easy for such thing to happen... Well ... it's 6:10am ... i think i go take some rest...

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