Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Questing for a Pen Tablet...

Well... my old (not so old ... but old enough to be dead) Wacom Volito2 is dead... so... i searched for a new pen tablet.... my experience with Volito2 told me that a bigger area than A6 is desirable for the kind of stuff i do.... so an A5 area or an A4 would be better... what choices do i have? After google a bit i come to join this conclusions/facts:

  • Wacom pen tablets are .... overpriced... no doubt there...
  • Wacom pen tablets are the only ones that use battery-less pens
  • Wacom pen tablets replacements/extras are .... well.... overpriced... (as expected)
  • European Wacom pen tablets are ... more overpriced than the rest of the world
  • Other brands seem to have identical models - Aiptek, Genius, Trust
  • New Wacom Intuos4 is very very nice .... and expensive (among the Wacom offer is the less overpriced one)

So... to put things shorter (please note that Intuos4 pens have tilt and rotation sensors):

Genius G-Pen M609A51024 pressure levels4000lpi70€
Genius G-Pen M712A41024 pressure levels4000lpi90€
Wacom Bamboo One MA5512 pressure levelsaround 2250lpi180€
Wacom Intuos4 SA62048 pressure levels5080lpi220€
Wacom Intuos4 MA52048 pressure levels5080lpi370€

I really liked the Genius A4 area and price.... according to reviews some people complains of pen size and weight... but since my hands are big and i'm used to heavy ink pens (bigger inertia, steadier strokes, my calligraphy is horrible) i'm quite tempted to try it... a Wacom pen with the same area costs almost 5 times more... if that isn't overpriced... i don't know what to call it... also in european countries intuos4 doesn't come with a mouse... while in other countries it has it included (as well as some extra software from adobe, and conversion ratio from dollar to euro is like 1:1 - considering that mouse costs 70€ i would say dollar worths more than euro for the given prices/hardware...).

Well after easter i might buy one Genius pen tablet... If i do so, i'll review it... hoping that someone with the same trouble will save some zeny

EDIT: On a side note... after hacking the drivers of genius, i can confirm that genius tablet is in reality an Aiptek ... i did check the one from Trust (that i'm willing to buy since is the one available in stores around here) and the aiptbl.ini file is a little give away... xD oh.. acording to store that sells Trust one, it is supposed to have 60º tilt sensor! I can't wait to get my hands in one...

EDIT 2: 60º tilt seems to be a fake feature... but in the other hand i found the A4 tablet at 68€!

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