Monday, December 29, 2008

Lumines Mobile

Enough with programming, let's talk about games, one of my favorites is the Lumines, i do have the mobile version, that is in game play very similar to other versions (basically just lacks some musics and the time bar doesn't change speed within the same music) This game is very similar to tetris, but adds some tricks that make it one of the best arcade games ever invented. Mobile version has several modes: Arcade (with easy, medium and hard), Challenge ( beat 999.999 points), vs. CPU (the last guy is quite hard), Single Skin (one music, one skin - gets boring after a while), Time Attack (make more in less time), Puzzle (make some shapes on screen - mobile version has only a few), Shuffle (pretty much challenge but in a random fashion). I also made a version for TI-89 (a long, LONG time ago - i kept it on one of my backups), is kinda simple and lacks a menu... but works... Now... about hi-scores >:D ... i wonder if someone who has this game can beat mine:
  • I have gold in all arcade levels... so i'll just skip the score of arcade (heck that would made the list quite long)
  • I have the 999.999 in challenge mode (several times actually - in PSP/PS2 this would have an extra 9)
  • I have 81 Blocks in 90 secs, 132 in 180, 230 in 300 and 432 in 600 for time attack mode... this is the mode i play now that i beat the game.
I think this will make a nice challenge for the ones who have the game on mobile phone (or even in PSP or PS2) and finished it already... I think this is my last post this year, soo ... happy new year! ;p

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