Saturday, December 6, 2008

.NET Compact Framework experiences

Today i made my first custom control for .NET Compact Framework, nothing too fancy and mostly was copy-paste from msdn website. Well, it does the job and is compatible with Visual Studio interactive designer (that was the tricky part actually). A few days ago i made some experiences with sound on managed code, i found out an awsome class for playing .wav files, the API is just amazingly simple. System.Media.SoundPlay is it's name, you can find all info about it on msdn library, it allows syncronous or assyncronous playback of .wav files, but please remember that .wav files must be encoded in PCM and that big .wav files means huge resources being allocated, so don't just put that 10min studio quality audio pcm file and expect the handheld to be all fine, but is quite useful for little sound effects. Adding to that i adapted a class i found on the internet to manage XML files in such a way that can make them behave as small databases for persistency on the device.

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