Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Xmas list.... right...

Well... i know i'll never get those ... but since i hope to finish my studies and get a job on this next summer (thinking too ahead i know >__>''), i can start by making a list to where my savings should go (hoping some generous soul that won the lottery has nothing to do to the money - right....)... well here it goes - some of the stuff is not even available yet:
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (i could ask for a N97... but is too heavy and expensive)
  • Sony Alpha 350k (i'm not being greedy ... really!)
  • Sony HDR-SR11E (i could ask for more ... but this is just overkill already)
  • Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW (i could use one to replace my old CRT)
  • Intuos3 A5 Wide USB "Special Edition"
  • Pandora Handheld (this one gonna be VERY tricky to get)
  • Some free time... to use all the suff above =3
So ... anyone with a heavy felling in the pocket? I know, i know: "Keep dreaming...". Note: please keep in mind that this was done just because i was bored and lacking sleepiness at 5h00 am


Sintra said...

Sony fanboy, keep dreaming!

Pedro Francisco said...

Bah! Second comment :(

You lack sleepiness or sleep?

Zeca said...

@Pedro Francisco:
Both, i guess...