Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cleaning fail...

So... today, after have some work done i solve to clean up and desktop since my sister is using it, she cares little over the dust that accumulates on filters... My computer case is very nice, a Thermaltake Tsunami, so i got the moment to clean up the cables as well, a year ago or so, i buyed a lcd panel for temperature monitoring and a card reader, sata plugs and usb extra plugs were freebies (even with the case usb plugs my motherboard still has room for more) by the time i connected everything and just rearrange the cables just enough to allow a good air flow. So today, i rearrange the cables not only for the air flow, but to give it a cleaner look, since the 5,25" panel has around 40 cables that was no easy task, but i'm happy with the result, even the graphic board agrees, since now it won't fire the fan into hi-speed (hi-noise) that easily. So... where is the fail? well... after all the work to clean and correct stuff, i ended up with this: Link (i wonder if this link works properlly) Well, not exacly that one, but you get the idea. A screw from the floppy drive went missing... just to be found right after close the case and connect all cables... oh well... i won't mess with the case any time soon again >_> *resumes work*

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