Monday, May 4, 2009


Well ... i'm dead tired, have a pile of work above me and it each time i try to reduce the pile, it increases size.... Hmm ... right... i won't sleep till i finnish this piece of code, so ... don't expect for me to be very cooperative into helping in something... In 5 days or so, we shall see if i'm alive after being up and wake working non stop for more that 4 days... not that i never did it before, but by the looks of it i gain a couple of years (or lose, depends on view point) each time i do it... So... 'till then folks *resumes work*


Selenyum said...

good luck!

iS said...

who are you, Zeca?


bigada por ires passando no meu cantinho despenteado!


PS: e vai uma da manhã, hey! working too... =S