Friday, May 22, 2009

Need a media center/entertainment PC?

I was checking ASUSTeK website when i was surprised by this little fella: Rampage II Gene It's tiny.... but packs everything needed to make a quite powerful machine.... problem: costs more than 200€ so ... a PC build with it will cost quite something ... (specially if you pair it with 2 BFG Nvidia GTX 295 H2O, 6Gb DDR3 2000Mhz and a i7 Extreme CPU) ... and to keep things silent and cool, the V1... and this monster... or this puppy - hmmm ... 250+1200+500+1000+500+50 = 3500€ given or taken... pair it with a G9x and a G19, hmmm ... some G51 and the G25 (well... you buy 2 of G's series, you could as well buy the whole set) and a Samsung Led-TV ... That would power up a room :p but is around 5000€ ... ah well ...

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