Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tablet + Windows 7 x64 = riiiiiiight!

Well... if you have a Trust, Genius, Aiptek, Nisis, etc. tablet, most likely it is made by a Taiwan company called Waltop. That I have said before on a previous entry, I also recommended taking the drivers from Waltop website (they have x86 and x64 versions), that I can still recommend, however if you're using GIMP on Windows 7 x64 (and I guess Photoshop as well, given the number of threads on several forums) you may notice that, no matter how powerful your PC is or what driver version you use, there is a annoying lag between brush strokes, like the mouse pointer is "holding a dog leash to the brush".
If you're using a Wacom Tablet you may have the same issue.
Luckily this seems to be a Windows problem (aren't you glad?), you have to disable the gestures and flicks that Windows 7 activates by default, you just go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Pen and Touch
There, in Pen Options tab, you go to the avaliable settings for each pen action entry and disable each of them where possible, then un-check the checkboxes under Pen buttons, also, in Flicks tab, disable the flicks usage.
There .... GIMP is working :] Fun fact: Open Canvas 1.1 beta 72 revision 1 works flawlessly even if drivers don't work correctly under windows (this is true for windows XP, Vista and 7 - In XP it worked WITHOUT drivers installed) ... Now that's what i call voodoo software... :]

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